Ticket To Ride, Book 2, Chapter 25: This is a holy place but not a “holy” place…

news_PMBT_BuddhaTogether, they traveled into the mountains north of Los Angeles in search of a Buddhist temple. There, they didn’t feel particularly welcome, or even otherwise enthused. A female monk greeted them from a distance as they approached the temple. The temple itself was actually a double-wide mobile home sitting on a lot with random stones strewn around and plants that looked like they hadn’t seen rain in years.

“This isn’t what I was expecting,” said Morgan.

“Me neither,” replied Livy.

The female monk came closer.

“Can I help you,” she asked in a rigid and icy tone.

“Um, can we look around?” asked Morgan.

“What is it that you want?” she asked coldly.

“Just to look around I guess,” replied Morgan.

Morgan and Livy took a few steps away from the monk and as they stepped away a large dog began to bark at them.

“This isn’t at all what I was hoping for.” said Livy.

“Why don’t we just split?” Morgan replied.

Livy nodded in agreement.

“We’re just going to take off,” Morgan said, trying to speak over the noise of the barking dog.

“Suit yourself,” the woman replied.

The two began to walk away.

“D’ya think this is the American version of buddhism?” Livy asked.

“Kind of like the American version of beer.”

“Exactly,” replied Livy.

On the way back over the mountains and heading toward the sea they saw a bend in the river, far below the road. The bend was almost a corner and there, at the base of a rocky cliff on the far side of the water, were two large, chiseled, boulders with pines, sycamores and oak trees rising above them and forming a triangle. Between the boulders sat a smaller stone and two mulberry trees that appeared as twin preachers. Behind the boulders, a very old live oak rose up twice their height and seemed a fitting replacement for the crucifix.

Morgan said it looked like a natural cathedral and how like Notre Dame it was.

“The earth made these things first and man was just a copy cat. Nothing new under the sun,” thought Livy, “but how lovely it is that nature is always first. “Things changed,” she said out loud now, “from the moment people began to congregate in villages. It was all here for us and we lost our way and’ve only created artificial replacements. That tree has a lot to say, more than any one can.”

Sitting by the river Livy thought how the trip to the Buddhist temple wasn’t all for naught. That they had gone there and not felt invited or welcome or drawn to it had just led them here, to this place which must have a name, but a place they would not give a name nor seek to find a name for from the people who would know these things. Names limit the energy and power of things, waterfalls are so much more than waterfalls. This place would just be the place they went to after the temple and they’d feel what it was and know that this place was where they both decided not to look further into organized religions.

“This is a holy place but not a “holy” place.”

“I know what you mean.”

Morgan had his beliefs in the power of the sea and Livy felt drawn to the forest. There’s power in these things, she thought, though they’re not seen. Just being in and around these things fed the inner life the way others are fed by the Sunday sermon. As she was thinking these things Morgan recited one of his songs to her:


“I don’t believe in idolatry,

I’m hindered by false prophecy,

and I don’t believe that God hangs out in a church.

My religion is not your decision,

my religion has no division,

mine is of you and you and you and me.

holy wars and mission plagues are what its brought to be

offer plunder

offer warfare

offer naught to me.

It’s of the openness of oceans

and of seas

of walking together


of loving with ease

of the the wind in the mountains

of flesh, stone and bone

of thoughts without fear.

and in the seeds we’ve sown.

rejoicing in a union


just looking to the sky

embracing the land and oceans


the “why.”

This is not a religion

in the modern sense at all

but have we gained by being modern

or following

a modern call?”


Livy felt warm everywhere and saw something rising in Morgan. He extended a hand toward her and she responded with a simple “yes,” and then they made love by the river.


One Second Saviour

randomkindnessOne Second Saviour by Philip Scott Wikel


don’s liquor store,

a homeless woman kisses my hand

my heart swells and i’m a one second saviour


her husband bows as if in reverent prayer

i gave him 3 dollars on thanksgiving and

he probably drank it all but he’s still alive

so he must be eating


i see them and now every time

hope that the shelter opens soon and

i know it will and they’ll be warm at night

and less dirty


she’s red in the face

with the swelling of skindrenched

in alcohol and relentless sun

but her spirit’s intact

and she kisses my hand

i’m her one second saviour

and they’re happy to see me

Eyes – A Struggle With Christianity and God

Sohei (Monk Warriors) EP by The Julian Day
Sohei (Monk Warriors) EP by The Julian Day

Eyes: Words and Music by Phil Wikel and The Julian Day


I want to spend a day in your eyes,

seek shelter from my lies

safe refuge from the wise,

I want to spend a day

in your eyes.


Out on the landscape of my life

there resides a burdening darkness

such a lonely

such a lonely


empty stripped-down starkness



In your eyes I can dream

dream that I might harness

through dreams and schemes and unplanned themes

harness a corner on love.

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In The Mind Of Hemingway

ernesthemingwayIn The Mind Of Hemingway by Philip Scott Wikel

I think I’ll go out like Hemingway
no point in being 80
decrepit and dependent
unbalanced life and weighty

I think I’ll go out like Hemingway
before the age decays
me into something that’s nothing
and everything a haze

I think I’ll go out like Hemingway
clean and fast and true
no IV’s or life support
no succumbing to the zoo

I think I’ll go out like Hemingway
a flash and crack of light
involutionary psychosis
be damned to do what’s right

Notes on The Julian Day – Like Who Cares Right? (Haha)

Gateway to Elysian Fields
Gateway to Elysian Fields

Midnight 12am: It’s that time of night when one can be convinced that his quiet, mindful wanderings might have some relevance to other wanderers of the Elysian Fields. Sleeping people don’t talk back and folks like me with grand delusions find this time suited to their wayward, wanderlusting minds.

For those of you wondering why we chose the name “The Julian Day.” To the best of our knowledge the “actual” julian day is the day inserted into the month of February every leap year. This is the day that balances the calendar and literally balances time. In a world where everyone and everything seems hell-bent on throwing us and the entire world out of sync:

“We like the idea of achieving balance and evening things out to create a harmonious wholeness.”

Even if achieving that means first, throwing everything out of whack. It’s only when we experience chaos that we define our truest foundations.

Our first EP is called Sohei.

Sohei in Japanese means literally “monk warriors” or enlightened soldiers. Lofty title right? We’re doing our best.

With Sohei we’ve created what we believe is a powerful musical document that underlines the struggle for a higher spiritual and emotional connection to humanity that is musically and thematically coherent. We’re not interested in singles. We want all of the songs to contribute to a homogenous, and sonically courageous whole; each song contributing to a unified statement. We’re hoping you all will enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed, and are enjoying creating it.

The new EP (if we ever finish it) will be called “A Place Called Everywhere.” 

It’s our belief that as the world grows smaller and smaller with each passing day through our interconnectedness via the internet, skype, cell phones, and all the other techno stuff, soon wherever we are will be a place called everywhere. What will that world be like? We’d like to explore that with this next round of songs.

Preview of “A Place Called Everywhere:” https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thejulianday/508010318?token=792d5193

Rhymes and Reasons by John Denver

johnThis is one of my favorites by John Denver:

So you speak to me of sadness and the coming of the winter,
The fear that is within you now that seems to never end,
and the dreams that have escaped you and the hope that you’ve forgotten,
and you tell me that you need me now and you want to be my friend,
and you wonder where we’re going, where’s the rhyme and where’s the reason?

And it’s you cannot accept: it is here we must begin to seek the wisdom of the children
and the graceful way of flowers in the wind.
For the children and the flowers are my sisters and my brothers,
their laughter and their loveliness would clear a cloudy day.
Like the music of the mountains and the colors of the rainbow,
they’re a promise of the future and a blessing for today.

Though the cities start to crumble and the towers fall around us,
the sun is slowly fading and it’s colder than the sea.
It is written: From the desert to the mountains they shall lead us,
by the hand and by the heart, they will comfort you and me.
In their innocence and trusting they will teach us to be free.
For the children and the flowers are my sisters and my brothers,
their laughter and their loveliness would clear a cloudy day.
And the song that I am singing is a prayer to non-believers,
come and stand beside us, we can find a better way.


Bear in mind, I don’t believe this song is meant to endorse Christianity in any way.

It’s perhaps best looked at as an elaboration on The Julian Day’s song “Idolatry.”

Sons of the Seven Seas

CIA's Most Wanted
CIA’s Most Wanted

You’re invited to the World Premiere of our new song “Sons of the Seven Seas” a song/spoken word composition by The Julian Day.


I’m about to head over to Reverbnation to post the new song. Just thought I’d say a thing or two about the song itself. I think I tapped into a very deep vein in my last girlfriend and found something there that I don’t even think she knew was there. The song itself is a little short on lyrics, but then so am I. I’ve been putting the music first of late, for better or for worse. So without further ado (again, mostly about nothing), here she is. “The Sons of the Seven Seas,” a free speech treaty,


It’s up. I hope you’ll enjoy it. I can’t seem to find the damn lyrics but then I suppose those who are willing just have to listen that much more closely.
Aloha Nui Loa from my little tent on Maui. As John Denver used to say after a concert, “Peace My Friends and Thank You!”

Click this link please: http://www.reverbnation.com/thejulianday

My son has to be the coolest kid in the world…

gromAt 16, my son has to be the coolest kid in the world. He follows no one, does his own thing and believes in his own ability to accomplish his goals. He’s not interested in alcohol or drugs which, at sixteen, and especially in this day and age, is amazingly cool.

He’s not fixated on sex. He has a good understanding of what makes a truly good person and he knows bullshit when he hears it, which, sadly, is quite often. But he doesn’t take shit from anyone and is happy to point out to others the shortcomings in their thinking. He’s a good listener and is good about taking in the “facts” and weighing them against logic, reality, and experience; a rarity these days.

He loves to surf and does it for all the right reasons; because it’s healthy, a spiritual experience, and it connects him to the universe in a way nothing else can. He doesn’t talk about his supposed conquests in the water but instead feels enriched and enlivened deep down in his soul. He has no need to brag or prove himself. He just loves the ocean and he knows there’s little that words can accomplish in relating this to others.

He takes nothing at face value and knows that the arbitrary labels, titles, and manufactured images we assign to ourselves and others are meaningless. He knows that people are never what they appear to be or want us to believe they are. He knows they are not what and who they think they are and it doesn’t take him long to see the truth in another’s true being. And he knows we are never what and who we THINK we are, but merely a composite reflection of what we do and say.

On the larger scene, he knows most politicians are liars, that organized religion is mostly for the hopelessly lost, that most authority figures don’t deserve the least bit of respect, and his elders (most of our elders and peers are so busy working on their 13-year-old versions of themselves so as to render themselves little more than silly children) better prove to him that their supposed “wisdom” can hold up in the clear light of day.

When I grow up I’d like to be just like my son…

AMERICA – For Sale by Owners

corporate-greed_27-06-1882We the people of the Un-United Corporation of America are placing our country on the market and invite any efficiently-run, honest and egalitarian nation to submit a bid. The time has come to look outside of America for our governance as anyone born and raised in America has been disqualified by virtue of their unfortunate birth. American politicians are incapable of upholding the tenets of our constitution and the dreams of our founding fathers. It is perhaps our water that causes the many and various defects in thinking, decision-making, and an irreconcilable deficiency in common sense, so please bring your own water.

Now some appropriate lyrics from The Police song, Spirits in the Material World:

There is no political solution

To our troubled evolution

Have no faith in constitution

There is no bloody revolution

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An Explanation of “The Wailing Wall” by The Julian Day

I think people completely missed the point of our song “The Wailing Wall” and it’s probably our fault. We believe that if people exercised and taught self control and self-realization the world would be a better place. At this point in my life, I believe it’s counterproductive to “let go and let God.” No one really knows what God thinks or feels but many know right from wrong. Resting on the idea that the world reflects God’s will is scary to us. We live in a time that requires action on many fronts and being passive and trusting in God’s will only removes our personal responsibility and accountability for the way things are. Silence is our worst enemy.

We also believe that sugar-coating everything is counterproductive as well. Even John Lennon admitted that Flower Power failed. It’s time to engage, not disengage and retreat into a world that exists only in the minds of a few. Being positive is good. Just make sure to be realistic at the same time.