Our Story: Behind The Aloha Project

keepOur Story:

Peggy and I are not “connected” people, we’re not “influential” people and we’re not people who wish to be either. What we are connected to is spirit and a handful of friends and family who live as modestly as we do.

Another thing Peggy and I are are two people with a lot of hopes and dreams for the way things could be, the way things might be and the way things should be. We wish for simple changes like an increase in the Spirit of Aloha and a deeper love for the people from which it was born, a greater respect for the ocean and the land, and an increase in compassion for the mentally ill. 

This is essentially what the Aloha Project is about. Peggy and I have solid and lofty goals, the talents to make them happen, and everything except the necessary funding to put them into action. Neither of us are eligible for bank loans or large credit card limits, and that is why we came to you with our dream. Some dreams require that others share them.

We know from your response to Mauisalt Magazine and our Aloha Maui “Mixed Plate” Video Fest that many of you are as excited and hopeful that these things will become a long-term part of all of our lives. And these two things have the power to eventually build the foundation of a sanctuary for the mentally ill and sufferers of PTSD who are not and cannot receive the type of care they need.

So, at any rate, we have only 10 days before our Indiegogo Campaign comes to a close. We hope you’ll consider, or even reconsider being a part of our vision. It’s a give and receive proposition. You get a piece of the campaign through the gifts we’re offering, and we get to move forward and upward on a mission that we believe is for the betterment of all of us.

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The Aloha Project: Words, Music and Compassion

“Grow The Change” Work Day at “Ka Hale A Ke Ola” with “Rumi” and friends.

Aloha Folks,

Our overall intention is to establish a communication and resource network.

The campaign actually has three interlocking components. Firstly the Video Fest (which will be a weekly online broadcast) and will showcase diverse bands from around the world with Hawaiian Culture and music as it’s centerpiece thusly perpetuating the Spirit of Aloha and create a worldwide bond between socially and politically conscious bands from around the world. We will also be working with the “Music is the Medicine” Foundation. Musicians in the festival include representatives from Portugal, India, Germany, The Phillipines, the UK, and various and sundry other parts of the world, including Texas.

Secondly there is our fledgling publication Mauisalt Magazine, a quarterly publication which we hope to use as a vehicle to:

1. Promote Hawaiian Culture through its connection to the Ocean

2. Promote the Video Fest and…

3. Serve as an outreach for the many native people who have found themselves homeless on Maui and the Other Hawaiian Islands.

And thirdly, to help establish a warrior sanctuary for sufferers of PTSD (hopefully to be named the Queen Kaahumanu Center, given permission).

Indiegogo Link: http://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/f38eceb8

Mauisalt Magazine:

March Into Paris: To march is to stride boldly towards your dreams…


Since their debut, March into Paris has been making a huge impact on the indie rock scene. As one of Northern California’s most critically acclaimed bands, they regularly blow audiences away with their energetic, some say manic live performances. MiP consists of charismatic powerhouse lead vocalist, Jennifer Cameron, bassist Eric Davis, guitarists Randy Medeiros, Kevin McCarty and drummer K-ris Ayala.

As a Post-Alternative rock band, March into Paris music pulls from many genres to create their ambient, melodic yet aggressive sound. While being compared to some of their influences ( Patti Smith, Soundgraden, Minus The Bear, Coheed and Cambria, A.F.I. ), MiP strives to develop their own unique sonic character of lush verse styles, huge booming choruses and screaming guitar solos.

Just as the City of Lights draws artists of all stripes who come to fulfill their dreams and be who they are, March Into Paris finds itself pushing the boundaries of their art and individual lives. As Eric says, “To march is to stride boldly towards your dreams and make them a reality with triumph in your heart, even if you only have crumbs in your pockets.” MiP works dilligently to embodie a DIY ethos, releasing 2 E.P.’s, 3 singles while booking and playing hundreds of live performances and building a global fan base. To them, indie isn’t something you claim to be, it’s something you have to prove through years of blood, sweat and tears.

The River (A Dirge for Kurt Cobain) by The Julian Day


We can get down sometimes, can’t we? You just have to hope someone’s really there for you when you do.


The River: Words by Philip Scott Wikel, Music by The Julian Day (Video Below)

I am the river
dry as the sun
like Kurt Cobain
without the guts

I am the river
dry as the sun
and for the hundredth time
I’ve gone nuts

I remember the river
when it used to flow
I remember the river
and I thought you should know
that I’ve become the river
and I wish I could row

But my arms are the river
dry as a bone
my arms are the river
and my heart is a stone
you see,
my heart is the river
and it used to flow
but my heart is the river
and it’s as dry as a bone

I even wish I could shiver
because that would show
that I was once like the river
when it used to flow
how I wish I could shiver
because that would at least show
that I was as cold as the river
in the white winter’s snow

I am the river
dry as the sun
and I think of Sylvia
cuz she’d gone nuts

I think she was a river
and like many the same
they’d gone crazy
and they had the guts.

Eyes – A Struggle With Christianity and God

Sohei (Monk Warriors) EP by The Julian Day
Sohei (Monk Warriors) EP by The Julian Day

Eyes: Words and Music by Phil Wikel and The Julian Day


I want to spend a day in your eyes,

seek shelter from my lies

safe refuge from the wise,

I want to spend a day

in your eyes.


Out on the landscape of my life

there resides a burdening darkness

such a lonely

such a lonely


empty stripped-down starkness



In your eyes I can dream

dream that I might harness

through dreams and schemes and unplanned themes

harness a corner on love.

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Top of The Tribe 3, Folktronica – Corey Webb, “We Are All the Same”

“The breadth of his work is astounding.”
“Bringing an old-time story telling with imaginative symphonic intensity to craft a new sound and style.”
BEN WILLIAMS traveling philosopher
Award winning-songwriter & recording artist, Corey Webb, recently received his degree in Music Theory/Composition from the College of Charleston where he orchestrated, recorded, & performed his songs with musicians from the Charleston & Charlotte Symphonies. Now pursuing his Master’s in London, he works his fourth studio album incorporating hip-hop with his already unique hobnob of contemporary panache.
Please check out videos @ https://www.facebook.com/coreythewebb — Corey’s songs “Coconut” and “The Dust in Between” are the grand-prize winners of the 2009 & 2010 Music with a Message Contests (respectively) presented by the South Carolina Coastal Conservation League. He co-headlined w/ Jesse Colin Young (2009) & The Steep Canyon Rangers (2010) at the Charleston Green Fair in late September.
We Are All The Same Video: http://vimeo.com/13332493

10 Reasons To Buy Music from Independent Artists

supportThis post was written by Daniel Kobialka on Articlesbase.

10 specific reasons why you should support Independent Musicians

Musicians develop their own labels for many different reasons. My reason is partly because of a challenge I took on at a young age, to take what I was told was an unmarketable instrument, the violin, and create music that expressed emotions, touched hearts, and ultimately, sold. Whatever the reason for creating their own labels, musicians sometimes forget the advantages they hold and focus instead on the multitude of challenges.

As a gentle reminder to artists as well as their potential customers, I’m sharing my personal favorite reasons why I enjoy having my own label, and why music lovers should consciously choose to buy music from independent labels.

1. Independent musicians can freely express their passion and unique talent. They can express their own personal stories, follow their own instincts, and not have to follow orders from major label executives as to what they must create. From the customer’s perspective, by exploring radio stations and other sources of independent music, they too are now free to make their own decisions as to what is hot and what is not.

2. Many of the common music distributors only offer music from major labels, and rarely do they give anything for free, no matter how many albums you download or cds you buy. An independent artist is free to be unique and generous in his sales methods. For the consumer, this can mean getting bulk discounts, coupon offers and appreciation for their repeat purchases.

3. The independent musician can communicate directly with the customer, so online sales doesn’t have to feel like an isolating experience for the artist. Many times the thrill of receiving an email directly from the musician can turn an independent label music purchaser into a devout fan.

4. Niche marketing is all the buzz these days, and nowhere is it more successful than in independent music. As an independent musician, you are free to create your own unique niche and, in the process, reach more ideal fans. As someone who buys music from an independent label, you can find it easier to discover the music that defines and expresses YOU as well.

5. By buying from independent labels, customers and musicians can share the love. Think of it this way, here’s one scenario. A music lover makes a purchase. The independent musician has total control over what is communicated in the thank-you message. The customer can write back. The musician can quote the customer in his blog, the customer basks in the glory of the personal mention and shares it with all his friends on his Facebook page. Backlinks abound. Try that when you purchase from a major label.

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