Most of my old friends tried their best not to learn anything in high school…


Most of my old friends tried their best not to learn anything in high school and many didn’t bother with college. They were neutral on most world events and many were anti-war.

After thirty-five years of getting baked everyday, they’re now militantly opposed to anything that doesn’t benefit them, horrified of anyone having any more material wealth than they do, and wouldn’t pause to help an old woman cross the street since their too busy staring at their smartphones (An ironic label for a phone that turns people into social zeros). On top of that, they’re on the front lines of the “Burn down the Middle East” crowd.

Are these people poster children for the adverse long-term effects of marijuana use or were they always just a bunch of sociopaths, banding together when times were good and, dispersing like rats when things were otherwise? Their politics are now what you might expect from banjo players in the “hollers” of Appalachia. They hate “ferreners,” environmentalists, and just about anyone who makes them feel like they should be doing something other than feeding their faces, satisfying their sex drive, one-upping the Jones’s, or sneering at the less fortunate.

We’re in a sad state of affairs in America. I don’t believe this sort of behavior is isolated to my old friends. I’ve observed shades of this in quite a lot of people.

“Friend” in America is really a relative term anymore. Being a friend is only acceptable when friends serve as playmates and props to occupy our time. Government fear propaganda probably started it all, and Facebook killed it by giving people a false sense of being in touch. No one’s in touch anymore. They’re just performing for each other. Hollywood and Rock Stars won the battle for the new breed of the superficial.

I’m not upset with friends anymore, however, I do fear for the lost souls of America.


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