The Maui AMPFest 2015: Music Words, Compassion…

PrintThe Maui AMPFest is part of
The Aloha Project
Promoting Aloha, Music, Hawaiian Culture & Sustainable Living through international collaboration.

Tune in Friday Night on Youtube at 7pm HST for the Maui AMPFest! It will run the entire week! Channel link below (Live at 7pm)

Aloha Maui “Mixed Plate” Music Video Fest

This Video Fest strives to showcase diverse bands from around the world with Hawaiian Culture and music as it’s centerpiece, thusly perpetuating the Spirit of Aloha and creating a worldwide bond between socially and politically conscious people and musicians from around the world.

Musicians in this first installment include representatives from Portugal, France, India, Germany, China, Japan, The Phillipines, and various and sundry other parts of the world.

Mahalo Nui Loa for the inspiration from the following people and organizations:

Lehn Huff, MSGN
Maui School Garden Network

Melissa Connelly and Rebeka Kuby
Grow The Change

Erin Fleming and Shelly Brown
KHAKO Homeless Resource Center

Lisa Darcy
Maui Homeless Alliance

Peggy Johnson whose patience and dedication to this project would’ve otherwise made it impossible.

Music Is The Medicine

Wake Up World

Ocean Defenders

The SHAKA Movement

Project Kuleana

Surfrider Foundation – Maui

Edited, produced, and directed by Philip Wikel and August Publishing in collaboration with Julian Day Productions (unless otherwise noted).

All Rights Reserved ©2015

To obtain a copy of this video on DVD, please call 808-281-6020 or email

Submissions are now open for the next Maui AMPFest.

If you would like to submit a video, please send it to

Aloha Nui Loa and Thanks For Watching!


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