Our Story: Behind The Aloha Project

keepOur Story:

Peggy and I are not “connected” people, we’re not “influential” people and we’re not people who wish to be either. What we are connected to is spirit and a handful of friends and family who live as modestly as we do.

Another thing Peggy and I are are two people with a lot of hopes and dreams for the way things could be, the way things might be and the way things should be. We wish for simple changes like an increase in the Spirit of Aloha and a deeper love for the people from which it was born, a greater respect for the ocean and the land, and an increase in compassion for the mentally ill. 

This is essentially what the Aloha Project is about. Peggy and I have solid and lofty goals, the talents to make them happen, and everything except the necessary funding to put them into action. Neither of us are eligible for bank loans or large credit card limits, and that is why we came to you with our dream. Some dreams require that others share them.

We know from your response to Mauisalt Magazine and our Aloha Maui “Mixed Plate” Video Fest that many of you are as excited and hopeful that these things will become a long-term part of all of our lives. And these two things have the power to eventually build the foundation of a sanctuary for the mentally ill and sufferers of PTSD who are not and cannot receive the type of care they need.

So, at any rate, we have only 10 days before our Indiegogo Campaign comes to a close. We hope you’ll consider, or even reconsider being a part of our vision. It’s a give and receive proposition. You get a piece of the campaign through the gifts we’re offering, and we get to move forward and upward on a mission that we believe is for the betterment of all of us.

The Aloha Project, Indiegogo Link:



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