Ticket To Ride, Book 2, Chapter 27: Rincon. Queen of the coast…

Rincon, Queen of the Coast by Rick Sharp www.ricksharp.com
Rincon, Queen of the Coast by Rick Sharp

Journal Entry – Livy

Rincon. Queen of the coast. Two boards, Morgan and I. There’s a richness here, a spirit to this place, a feeling of greatness, or a feeling that being here is a great thing. I’m just going to stay in the cove. Morgan’ll go up to a place called “Indicators.” The waves begin to break from up there and wrap around like pliable firelight lapping along the edge of a cobblestone point; a spit of land that reaches out to sea and collects the energy from places north and pulls it in.

Wax clacks against cold fibreglass, waxing up. Smells like warm places, coconut. The cold here makes the warmer seem that much better. We’ll go. We’ll go and we’ll come. We’ll come and we’ll go.

Morgan left Livy sitting in the cove. He smiled then walked along a small strip of sand that led to the top of the point and the take off point for the more adept. Livy sat looking at the sea, waiting for the spirit to take her. When the ocean was ready for her she would know. Stretch, she thought, and began to reach toward her toes. Breathe and stretch.

In a few minutes she was ready and walked to water’s edge. The first shock of the water sent tingles.

“A bit chilly,” she said out loud, then pushed the board in front of her and jumped on laying down. She’d timed it right and made it past the point where the waves would begin to break, paddling as fast as she could. She sat up and looked around. How lovely it must be to live here, she thought, a sheltered corner of sea. The sea salt filled her lungs and as she breathed it deeply she looked to the horizon and saw a new set of waves coming in. A surfer paddled then stood up and she could tell by the style with which the surfer made the first turn that it was Morgan. He pulled high on the wave, anticipating the coming section, then dropped low, slowed a bit, and disappeared behind the curtain of rolling water. She counted: One, Two, Three, Four, Five.

“Wow!” she said out loud, pleased with Morgan’s good fortune. That section connected to another and then another until Morgan was right in front of her. He turned up and over the shoulder of the wave and smiled at Livy as he did.

“That was a beauty,” she said.

“Thanks Sweets,” Morgan replied, “catching any?”

“I’ve just paddled out.”

“Well get on it,” he said smiling, “we don’t have much sun.”

“I’m just taking it in. You just get back up there and leave me alone.”

“It is beautiful here isn’t it?”

“It is.”

“Barbados’ll be even better.”

“A bit warmer too.”

“A bit.”

“And we can stay a while.”

“Seychelles first though.”

“Yes Seychelles first…

A wave came to Livy now and she turned and paddled. She felt the rush of water beneath her and pushed up from her surfboard and came to her feet. Still awkward but getting there she slipped toward the bottom of the wave and dipped her head beneath the feathery lip as it pitched around her. She heard it sloshing all around her for a moment, slipped into a brief vision of tropical water, then got slapped in the head by the turning wave and rolled over into the shallows, spinning with it, then finding the surface. Her ears stung with the cold. She grabbed her board again and paddled back toward the horizon. In the distance was Ventura, and beyond that, Los Angeles.

“We’re in L.A. mum.”


“Me and Morgan…” Livy paused.

“Well sweetie… are you going to tell me who he is?”

“he’s wonderful mum. I can’t wait for you to meet him.”


“Well there’s another thing mum… I’m pregnant.”

“Oh how wonderful sweetie.”

“Yes, it is wonderful… he’s wonderful… and we’re in love.”

“Are you married?’

“Well no mum but…”

“That’s ok sweetie… as long as he loves you.”

“He does mum and we’re so much in love.”

“I’m so very happy for you. When will I see you?”

“We’re going to be traveling for a while… to Seychelles and maybe the Serenghetti… maybe toward the end of the year. We’re planning on being in Barbados by then and settling for a while… how does Thanksgiving sound?”

“That’s in November.”

“Yes… look it up on the calendar.”

“That’s a long time… but I will sweetie.”

“Please do mum.”

“I love you Livy.”

“And I you.”

“Well until then.”

“Yeah, ta for now mum.”


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