Ticket To Ride, Book 2, Chapter 19: Further south Liv…

deadly ringer 2 depot 3Nineteen

“Further south Liv,” Ramie said.

“I’ve just gone to bloody Land’s End.”

“Boss just got a tip on a new surf mecca.”

“Very cool.”



“Central America, Costa Rica.”

“More please.”

“Empty, cheap, warm.”

“What’s the story?”

“He’s gonna hook you up with more surfers.”

“Right on.”

“Right on?”

“Sorry Rame hippyspeak, the guys were saying it all the way through Mexico.”

“Stay in San Diego. You’re gonna fly into the capital then go by truck to the coast and a place called Witches Rock.”

“How’s he like the Baja story.”

“He’s sending you to Costa Rica.”


“So it’s Saturday Liv. You leave Monday d’ya need anything?”

“Spanish lessons.”

“They’ll be an interpreter.”

“Any messages?”

“Your Mom. She sounded sad.”

“I better go there first.”

“But Liv.”

“It’s been too long Rame. Costa Rica can wait.”

“But the boss.”

“I’ll make it quick. I’ll call in a few days.” (click)


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