Ticket To Ride, Book 2, Chapter 3: The lunatic is in the hall…

keepThe lunatic is in the hall. The paper holds the folded faces to the floor… but everyday the paper boy brings more…

– from Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd


Elysian fields, night. Quiet for writing. Trudy’s here in the night. Trudy’ll always be here in the night. They all move about in the dark. Come home for a visit. Haunt if they’ve gone too soon. But Trudy’ll just be here like she was. Hello Trudy. Hi pet. What should I write about tonight love? What’s on your mind love?

Livy breathed deeply and put the eraser end of the pencil to her lips.

I’ve got to go love… like you said. Remember? Remember Blackfriar’s Bridge lovey? Weren’t we just girls then? Just girls. Ten, all of ten, now it’s been ten days since you went away. Miss you. I’ve decided to take the scholarship and go to Oxford. Miss Brompton arranged it. Like a mum to me. More than my mum is anyway. Yes it’s all sorted lovey. This fall. Me. There. Wish you were going with me. Wish me luck Trudy…

“Livy, you ought to be going to sleep now love.”

“Please close the door mum.”

“But Livy you’ll ruin your eyes writing in a dim…”

“Close the door and go away mum, please.”

“Excuse me but I am your mother and…”

“I’m going to Oxford mum,” Livy said feeling it rise, “I’ve been offered a scholarship and I’m going to bloody Oxford. Away from here. Away from you and your valium… and your paralysis,” Livy was speaking loudly now and her father came down the hall to Livy’s room to see what was the matter.

“What’s the ruckus girls?”

“She’s going away Herbie.”


“Yes Herbie, away!” Livy added, “away from mother delirious and daddy the drunkard… away from this numbness. You tried to take it but I kept something for myself… I’ll be gone in the morning… Miss Brompton’s arranged it.”

They walked out sullenly, Livy thought, “Thank you oh so very much Miss Brompton, you’re my savior.”


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