Ticket To Ride, Chapter 17: “La mano ubbidisce all’ intellecto.”

La Mano ubbidisce all' intelletto.
La Mano ubbidisce all’ intelletto.


“La mano ubbidisce all’ intellecto.”
– Carlo Maria Mariani

All the way home from Europe Morgan obsessed about that moment on the train. He couldn’t seem to gain any distance from it, no matter what he read, or thought, or watched, or wished. He felt stuck in a spiral, spinning down and down until he felt nothing and had gone numb. Then he thought of a quote he’d once heard, “It’s not that you’re carrying all that, it’s that you have all that to carry.”

I’m carrying my father and his father and probably my father’s father, he thought, and he remembered hearing that some psychologists believed that the children of former slaves carried with them, perhaps in their DNA, the memory of the toil and hardship of slavery.
“I’ve got to get free of my past,” he thought.


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