Ticket To Ride, Chapter 5: Morgan decided to move on…



They drove in silence for a short while.

“Did you say something Morgan,?” asked Psalm.

“No, why?”

“It’s nothing,” and thinks, “voices.”

…And again each became involved in his own thoughts and observations. Then when they had passed a small clearing to their right, on which sat the Rinzai Zen Temple, as if suddenly rediscovering each other’s presence, Morgan spoke:

“Gorgeous day, isn’t it?”

“Sure, maybe the rain…” he thinks “bloodredrain” and at this point Psalm trails off and Morgan is conscious of the fact that though Psalm had confirmed his statement, his tone was less than cheerful.

“Anything wrong Psalm?”

“No, nothing, nothing at all.” Same tone.

Morgan decided to move on to a more lively subject.

“Hey, I heard that Mr. Nagata brought in a good catch yesterday. He has a whole bunch of fresh fish that should be on sale today. Maybe we can pick up some and have a big fish-fry tomorrow at my house, I’m sure my mom would be ok with it.”

“That’d be nice Morgan, what about your dad” Psalm replied in an improved tone, not unconscious of the effort his young friend was making, “maybe we can do it tonight if you don’t have anything else going on.”

“Right.. dad, depends on his mood…,” Morgan replied, “let’s see how the unloading goes, we can play it by ear, shit man we haven’t even picked up the goods yet.”

“Morgan,” Psalm looks at Morgan disapprovingly.

“Yeah no drug references, right Psalm, sorry.”


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