Art to me is really within the viewer…

about_2The early foundations of my artistic thought developed in sunny So. Cal with fast music, fast women, fast cars, Tattoo Art, and the interesting dichotomy of our society.

Art to me is really within the viewer.
All I’m trying to do is evoke a feeling.
You make up your mind what it
means to you. Thats it. – Red Pencil aka Richard Day

Richard Day – Pop Art for the “post” Lichtenstein generation – more fun, intricate patterns and design. RD was born in Brookyln NY, and raised in Ventura County; locked up in suburbia, but with a drive and determination that would ultimately lead him out of the Conejo Valley.

Like a re-colored “B” Movie, his life has been about re-invention, constantly re-working his ideas and expanding his imagination, honing his acute sense of style and precision.
He exquisitely blends form and femininity in laser-like accuracy and detail.

Days’ vision – Formed through our individual struggle for freedom, the passion that drives us to break out of the herd mentality, that is choking our liberty. Recognising that each of us in bondage to the strictures of the current milieu. Celebrating the enduring strength of women, who in past days were treated as an ‘under-class’. Depicting their struggle to achieve equality, and how the twisted mores of our time would subvert this progress.


Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 11.19.49 PM


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