You don’t really hate anyone…

signs-no-hateYou don’t really hate anyone. It’s all them. They’re in your computer, your TV, your phone, your rearview mirror and they’re even in your head. Sound like science fiction? Yeah, I thought so too until I remembered what a mild-mannered person I had been most of my life and couldn’t understand why I was suddenly so angry at ridiculous things and not focusing my energy on the real problem. It’s honest to goodness voodoo folks. Struggle with yourself to overcome it. Remember what great and good things you wanted to do and be as a child.

You don’t really hate anyone. Hatred is a learned behavior that can be unlearned if you can unpack the baggage of your subconscious and get rid of everything non-essential. They thrive on hatred because it’s all they know. No one ever truly loved these people and they are incapable of feeling love or feeling loved, of giving love and receiving love. These monsters are bent and broken, disfigured demons so possessed of hate and lust and desire and avarice they can’t possibly ever understand what you and I know to be true: It all comes down to love.
Think about what kind of person would want to do the work of the NSA or the CIA.
Pity them and move on, it’s all they really deserve. They’re pathetic in the real sense of the word pathetic, defined as deserving of your pathos or pity.


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