A New Definition Of Bankruptcy?

US-bankruptIt’s official, America is Bankrupt!

A general rule of thumb for filing for bankruptcy is that, when you’re debt is more than your annual income, it’s probably time to file bankruptcy.

The GNP for the US is 15.89 trillion. The national debt is $17.226 trillion.

Looks like it’s time to hand over the country to someone else. And as bad a risk as the US is, perhaps we can convince one of the following financially solvent countries to take on the task of resuscitating America:


Jeez, if we’d have just admitted our faults (all of them) and stopped spending so much money on damage control, we might have avoided this. But no, we’ll continue to launch drones to circle overhead, pay neighbors to harass their neighbors, drive around in circles, tap phones and email, and act like ignorant jackasses in a terribly failing attempt to place the blame elsewhere.

Gotta keep people at the NSA and CIA working cuz they couldn’t possibly function in a real job, or in society in general. These are the descendants of their Nazi predecessors, educated in useless Waldorf schools who can’t possibly fathom that the world just doesn’t want, or need them.


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