Michael Stipe explains “Ignoreland”

The Patriotic Ones...

The Patriotic Ones…

“In America we’re pretty much able to ignore reality. We have this great ability to pretend there’s nothing wrong, that we’re still a superpower and it doesn’t matter if we kill a couple hundred thousand people.

Oh and Reagan lowered taxes. In fact, taxes were raised twelve times during his reign. He lowered rich people’s taxes –he and George Bush made me rich, but my mom’s taxes went up. She’s a secretary. Most people are able to ignore all that and vote overwhelmingly for these guys who just out and out lie to you .” – Michael Stipe, REM

And as always, I must say: As much as I appreciate you’re reading my book, bear in mind I receive no royalties from it since the government has seen fit to embezzle all proceeds from all of my creative works via digital syphons.

The Song:


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