Deetah The Masterpiece – Pursuing their Dreams and Working Together

286073_10151115697012083_769479916_oNote: A few years ago I wrote a blog post about hip-hop that was poorly worded and used the wrong tone. The gist of it was that I believed, or hoped that African- American music would follow the trajectory of the great RnB Artists of the 50s, 60s, and 70s and avoid negativity toward women and discord about small things. I lost half of my blog followers cuz I think I was misunderstood. Of course it was easy to misunderstand, given my poor execution and tone. And I own that. Let’s all work toward the big picture and the greater good. My apologies to anyone who found it offensive.

That said, here’s Tah Ismael Dembele.

Tah Ismael Dembele, also known as Deetah The Masterpiece is from Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast’s political capital. He has the same physique as Bob Marley and similar eyes to the late great Notorious BIG. While others appear to be trend followers, the difference lies within Deetah’s passion for hip-hop. A distinct characteristic Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaata developed in New York within a culture that would affect a younger Ismael in the continent of Africa.

D for Dembele and Tah for his first name. Later he changed his stage name to Deetah the masterpiece to make it memorable. A hip Hop Artist, producer, and owner of his own recording studio, Deetah is no stranger to hard work and dedication to the Hip Hop Culture, and it shows in his productions.

Deetah started out in a group called  » Da Mercure » in 2005. With the support of Didi F. and Icepeak he recorded his first solo project in an appartment next to the beach in Antibes. A year later they would be performing in front of thousands of hip hop heads in the south of france.

In 2007 with the help of Wechdi Trabelsi, head of Berbere Prod, he released a single to perform live alongside the legendary french rap group 113 in Tunisia. « One Two » was an instant succes and played in night clubs in Bizerte, Hammamet and Tunis.

In 2012, « Before The Masterpiece » is released independently on Itunes. Deetah did it all by himself: The beats, the recording, the mixing and even the graphic design. It was so important for him to keep putting out music that he didnt care for a label. Most surprisingly, « Before The Masterpiece » became popular and gave him the chance to get more fans and following. Tracks like « BabiCity » talked to the diapora while « Im a lover » appealed to a wider audience.

Deetah now lives in Montreal, Canada where he continues his work. Joined by other artists, he’s part of a movement initiated on the Ivory Coast to bring Hip Hop back on the map in western Africa. Black Label is a conglomerate of African artists around the world pursuing their dreams and working together. That gave him the opportunity to launch’s Freestyle sessions where he invites different artists to record over his own productions.

Deetah believes in a world of infinite possibilities, where an African child will not feel disadvantaged but equal to another anywhere else on planet earth.


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