The Blues & [Urban] Melodies of Ancient Hebrew Prayer…

nickNick and The Grooves

Nick Edelstein | Blues-Rock | Atlanta, GA


Nick was born in Deltona, FL when it was still a small town. The street he lived on was gravel. His class was the first to attend their elementary school, built when he was 4, the same year he began piano lessons. Today Nick is a multi-instrumentalist whose lyrics portray real, down-to-earth characters struggling to find themselves in a complex world. His songs have been radio-broadcast across 3 continents and used in video games, iPhone apps, films and marriage proposals! Nick’s first studio LP, Ripple, is about perspective and metamorphosis. Each song is a window into its characters’ Life journey.Live In 2007 pits fiery guitars against tight grooves and features some of Nick’s improvisation skills. His second studio LP, Year Of The Ox speaks about The Great Recession and the Chinese zodiac, Earth Ox. For more details and exclusive content, visit

Being classically trained on the piano gave Nick a strong foundation of Music Theory and aural skills, but he didn’t find his true love until he dusted off his dad’s 1960s archtop acoustic guitar.

Writing and performing his entire life, Nick loves the Blues: “I’ve played it all, but I always come back to the Blues.” He attributes his unique vocal melodies to recanting prayers in the synagogue and reading Torah. “Melodies of ancient Hebrew prayer, with their harmonic minors and Phrygian scales, are at once beautiful and haunting and definitely impacted my sense of harmony.”

Nick’s band has opened for international Blues acts such as Devon Allman, Francine Reed, Danny “Mudcat” Dudeck, and Joe Pitts. Nick is well-versed in many genres and has played with Barry Richman, Sonny Emory Sr., and Drivin’N’Cryin’ to name a few. Since his first “gig” in 1992, Nick has entertained some major audiences such as Atlanta’s Chastain Amphitheater, Dogwood Festival, Sweet Auburn Springfest, Great Atlanta Blues Festival, Bluesfest and more! Nick has appeared on many radio and TV stations including NPR and Comcast TV, and is endorsed by Holland Guitars.

With a large catalogue of original songs, film scores, and compositions, and a repertoire that stretches well past 500 “cover” songs, Nick continues to live and breathe music. He advocates environmental protection and awareness, and is active in national organizations like JFSJ and ONE Campaign.

Nick promotes education and is experienced in private & group instruction to students of all ages!



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