Top of the Tribe 4 – Watch out Sara Bareilles and Tori Amos!

alisonThere’s a new sexy piano diva on the rise, and her name is Allison Gray. 

Allison Gray’s music has been classified as pop, folk, adult contemporary, soul, singer songwriter, and almost everything in between. But listeners and reviewers agree that her music is both appealing and addicting. If you look around at the crowd during her live shows, you will see fans from all walks of life spanning a 30 year age range. Her soaring melodies, dynamic vocals, and honest lyrics have garnered her an ever growing internet following, and her local fans are the most loyal you will find.


Like many artists, Allison came from humble beginnings. She was raised in Seattle by a single mother who encouraged her passion for the arts. Gray began studying piano at age 3 and was classically trained in ballet, opera and jazz. After singing the national anthem for the Oakland A’s she was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center. She has also performed at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall. Though a career in opera seemed the obvious choice, she often found more fulfillment in her songwriting. After graduating high school, she moved to California to pursue a career in mainstream music. After a string of development deals and independent record deals fell through, Allison teamed up with producer Marc Jordan in 2010 to release her debut EP Off My Mind. Listeners were quick to respond, and praised her for her original style. While drawing from her classical roots, she also took influence from timeless greats such as Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow, Freddie Mercury, and The Beatles. Her voice has been compared to Amy Lee, Tori Amos, Pink, Joss Stone, Natasha Beddingfield and Kelly Clarkson.


Gray’s music has been featured on Michael Buckley’s “What the Buck”, Lifetime, MTV, NBC, Kia Motors Advertisements, and the Canadian based reality series The Ave, which follows internet celebrity Gregory Gorqeous. Her songwriting has earned top honors in the Great American Songwriting Contest, the 100% Music Songwriting Contest, The Malibu Music Awards, and Maurice’s Small Town Sound Band Search. She has also been honored by California State Northridge as one of their artists of the year.


Her full length album Barricades, was released in Summer 2013.


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