Sons of the Seven Seas

CIA's Most Wanted
CIA’s Most Wanted

You’re invited to the World Premiere of our new song “Sons of the Seven Seas” a song/spoken word composition by The Julian Day.


I’m about to head over to Reverbnation to post the new song. Just thought I’d say a thing or two about the song itself. I think I tapped into a very deep vein in my last girlfriend and found something there that I don’t even think she knew was there. The song itself is a little short on lyrics, but then so am I. I’ve been putting the music first of late, for better or for worse. So without further ado (again, mostly about nothing), here she is. “The Sons of the Seven Seas,” a free speech treaty,


It’s up. I hope you’ll enjoy it. I can’t seem to find the damn lyrics but then I suppose those who are willing just have to listen that much more closely.
Aloha Nui Loa from my little tent on Maui. As John Denver used to say after a concert, “Peace My Friends and Thank You!”

Click this link please:


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