Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys – First page

jea.rhys“They say when trouble comes, close ranks, and so the white people did.

But we were not in their ranks.” – Jean Rhys, 1966

In other words: when threatened, act stupid and blind and spiritually bankrupt. Whatever you need to do to protect the corporations of the world. To include: Fear of freedom, Fear of your citizens, and Fear of common sense.

This has been done time and time again throughout history. Nations fall, leaders fall and good sense dies because of it.

If the powers-that-be picked up a book every once in a while they’d know this. Once you become paralyzed by your fear of change, by wisdom, and by your own depravity, you have already lost everything to which we (normal people) describe as being human.

Your lust for power and money will, and most certainly always has, eventually lead to the demise of those who covet it.

To say America is anything more than a corporation is a sad lie that many tell themselves.

I think America’s country music probably describes the sad resignation of becoming mediocre the best. So put on some redneck music, grab a Schlitz and watch as Rome burns. We can only hope that from it’s ashes Common Sense will once again rise.

Save the country music party for after the work is done. Then, and  only then, can we relax in knowing that the celebration is well-deserved.


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