american pop (the wasteland) by the julian day – unofficial video

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 7.49.31 PMWe know we’re walking on eggshells with this one. Telling someone you don’t like their favorite band has become a more emotionally charged statement than telling them their government is corrupt. But strangely enough, many care more about what crazy thing Eminem might say than they do about what’s going on with the environment, education, or the treatment of non-violent protesters by the powers-that-be. For them As Mutabaruka, one of our favorite reggae artists of the 80s, once said: “Revolutionary words have become entertainment,” and it seems the general public has become so doped up on mainstream pop culture that quite a few are not seeing or don’t want to see what’s going terribly wrong in the US.

That said, one of our main concerns with this video is that hip hop/rap listeners will be offended. But the statement is really not that hip hop and rap are, in and of themselves negative, it’s just that the predominantly negative or otherwise shallow message (“Sex, Money, Power”) proliferated by many of it’s musicians serves only to rot the fabric of our culture and does nothing to edify it’s listeners. Why not harness all of that rage and anger into something constructive?

So our question is: where do we go from here? How might we begin anew and truly create a world where we are equally as concerned with having a good time AND ensuring a bright future for generations to come.
And further, we believe musicians and artists should be about something, either overtly or covertly.

[Can’t go “official” until all permissions for rights use have been received]

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