Policy (Free Tibet) by The Julian Day

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Here is a video we’d like to share.

Endorsed by Julie J.J. K  of the Tibetan Children’s Village our song “Policy” is aimed at bringing democracy to China and sovereignty for Tibetans.

Thanks for listening!

– The Julian Day

Policy (Free Tibet) Video


An Explanation of “The Wailing Wall” by The Julian Day

I think people completely missed the point of our song “The Wailing Wall” and it’s probably our fault. We believe that if people exercised and taught self control and self-realization the world would be a better place. At this point in my life, I believe it’s counterproductive to “let go and let God.” No one really knows what God thinks or feels but many know right from wrong. Resting on the idea that the world reflects God’s will is scary to us. We live in a time that requires action on many fronts and being passive and trusting in God’s will only removes our personal responsibility and accountability for the way things are. Silence is our worst enemy.

We also believe that sugar-coating everything is counterproductive as well. Even John Lennon admitted that Flower Power failed. It’s time to engage, not disengage and retreat into a world that exists only in the minds of a few. Being positive is good. Just make sure to be realistic at the same time.

Here We Are Now, chap. 16 (insanity continued)

Here We Are Now,  a novel of the grunge generation

chapter sixteen

The goings-on of this strange circle in Goshen had, at once, become a nuisance, then he became used to it. He could see the pattern of what they did and better the pattern of who they were. They were seemigly a bunch of spoiled kids and degenerates with nothing better to do than to torment others. They were, it seemed to him, like the types that assumed their supremacy above all back in high school. Those too good for anyone but themselves, not unlike the Socs in the novel The Outsiders. People rotted by a life of priviledge and degeneracy; no moral fiber, no love for anyone or anything, except for this disgusting effluence that might issue forth from the mouths of the loudest among them.

The whole thing was an insult to his intelligence and to his wholesome upbringing; his education, his care for nature, and his compassion for mankind. How things could become the brunt of a very low sense of humor confounded him. Their leader seemed to be a young woman who called herself Music, along with another with the all the decadence of the mystic decay of Ancient Greece, Medea. Medea had a child and prided herself on the fact that she’d managed to keep the party going right through her pregnancy; acid, cocaine, and assorted pharmaceuticals washed down with ample servings of scotch and beer. She rejected God openly and claimed the ancient Snake Goddess as her guide. Both women prided themselves on their ability to manage minor acts of magic, (which Dylan termed Bitchcraft, petty hocus pocus) achieved through the manipulation of the natural forces otherwise reserved for God. They secretly hated men and engaged with them only to procure what they needed to further selfish aims which amounted to little more than an extreme feminist agenda that viewed men as little more than providers of sperm. And as he looked into the disappearance of his painting, Dylan found that Heather was part of their clan; neither as influential or charming as the other two, but not without her abilty to extract and embezzle what she needed for her survival.

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