“Scott Aichner, roll film” all-time greatest blog post

I’m curious as to why the Scott Aichner interview, ever since it’s posting, has been the overall most visited post on my blog. While Scott is a great guy, my article about him is, in my estimation, only so-so. Why, with so many other postings (nearly 100 of them), have people read that article every day of the week for the past few months or so?

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2 thoughts on ““Scott Aichner, roll film” all-time greatest blog post

  1. Because Scott Aichner’s vision and bar are historic and built upon the work of generations of outstanding water photographers. He had a high bar to aspire to.

    Being in the same pack of shooters as I was, at Surfer, he never got the credit he deserved.

    It is one of the reasons that my mantra from day one in Photography has been:
    “I am not a surf Photographer”

    Thank you for writing about him


    1. Thanks David. I guess, being at the moment, a “former surfer,” I forget just how high surfer’s regard for him is.
      Scott is a regular guy who has attained “near great” success. My only wish is that a great many people will be inspired by Scott to rise above their circumstances and reach for the stars in whatever field they choose to do so.
      Thanks again,


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