Here We Are Now, the sequel to Ticket to Ride

I’m considering publishing the sequel to Ticket to Ride, right here on my blog. One chapter each week for 25 weeks or so. At the moment, I have only half that many chapters in varying stages of development. My doing this is in the interest of giving myself a deadline (something I don’t seem capable of doing internally because I’m a horrible procrastinator). I’m hoping this might get me motivated to finish Here We Are Now. And yes, that means I’m planning on giving it away to anyone interested.

But as I said, at the moment, it’s just a thought. However if I decide to proceed it will likely begin this coming week; maybe Wednesday or Thursday.

Thank you to all who have continued to frequent my blog, I appreciate you stopping by. See ya next time.

– Philip


3 thoughts on “Here We Are Now, the sequel to Ticket to Ride

  1. Why do you have a cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine with your book title and description? Your book sounds interesting. Is that a description you typed out under the mag or actual text from the beginning of the book?


  2. The cover is a fusion of two images: a painting of Jesus and Kurt Cobain on the cover of Rolling Stone. Perhaps it’s not as clear as I intended. Did you click on the book cover to get a larger view?

    The implications are many.

    And yes, the text at the bottom is the first couple of lines from the book.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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