Final Judgment?

After months of waiting, the reviews are finally starting to come in. And what a welcome relief to learn that, as yet, none are bad. Second only to finding an agent, seeking reviews is the most nerve-wracking, mind-bending process that a writer can undertake. Interestingly enough, I’m finding that oftentimes, reviews say as much about the reviewer as the subjects they review.

Nothing’s final of course. The reviews should be coming in all summer. And as always, I welcome your feedback. See ya next time.

Here are the first two:

from The Book Buff (3 Stars)

The story was nice, and overall, the writing was nice…
… the style and characters grew on me to form an overall engaging book…
My favorite part… the Rock and Roll references, as I am a HUGE fan of classic rock! Reading and music are my two favorite pastimes, so any combination of the two is all right by me:) Overall, I am going to give Ticket to Ride a 3… definitely worth a read.

from Mike Burns on (4 Stars)
[Ticket to Ride is the story of] 2 young aspiring writers from separate parts of the world in the 60s and 70s. Each is affected drastically by tragic events in their youth. [Having] had the world figured out … they are left with only questions about themselves.

Morgan and Livy [then] travel the world to find out who they are and what they believe in.

I would recommend this book for the average to experienced reader… A book you can [read] in a weekend… great for a relaxing getaway.

Reminder: One dollar for each paperback sold goes to Teen Challenge!

And as always, I must say: As much as I appreciate you’re reading my book, bear in mind I receive no royalties from it since the government has seen fit to embezzle all proceeds from all of my creative works via digital syphons.



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