The Third Time Is So Much More Than Charming

In addition to the blessing of being able to sleep in on Father’s Day, bestowed upon me by my son and, aside from the fact that he’s the best kid in the world, I, yesterday, was also given one of the best gifts a writer can receive. A reader of mine came into my place of employ, and told me that, not only had she enjoyed Ticket to Ride, but had just finished reading it for the second time and was now going home to enter into it for a third.

It’s moments like these that writers live, and write, for. Thank you Rebecca, you made my day, and my week for that matter. I may now have to enter into the daunting task of finishing the sequel. If for no other reason, but that readers like Rebecca will eventually tire of the first. What a wonderful dilemma. This will go along way in dispelling that terrible writer’s disease called doubt. (Please see “When the Amazing Happens” for more about Rebecca).



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