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The Book Buff Interview

I was recently granted the rare opportunity of giving an interview to one of the premier book review sites on the web. And I must say, it was quite a humbling experience. While this type of interview is meant to offer readers insights into the life of a writer, I found the experience to be just as enlightening for me as it may be for my readers. I was initially quite nervous, however, once I’d begun digging into the her questions I found I was enjoying this discovery of myself. Having read books like The Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Cutting the Ties that Bind, I now see that it’s opportunities like this that force us to define ourselves in a way that no self-help book can.

In a recent book entitled “Bono” by Michka Assayas wherein the lead singer of U2 offers elaborations on many questions that had only been touched on in short interviews previously, Bono commented that perhaps this was his opportunity to lay down on the proverbial psychologist’s couch and bare his soul. I’d have to say that my recent interview was much the same for me. While you or I are not Bono (I for one am not all that interesting), I believe we could all use a little self-reflection sometimes, to remember why we’re here on planet Earth, to remember just how small our lives really are, and to hopefully see how much power each of us has to make a difference in the world.

Read the interview:



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