Latest Offerings from the Published Authors Network

Following is a list of books from the Published Authors Network:

The Magus – Alex Sumner

Discovering Her Wolfen Heritage by Missy Martine – Kindle Version…

Table for Three by Missy Martine – Kindle Version…

Table for Three by Missy Martine – Print Version…


Eva Etzioni-Halevy

Semmaster’s Thoughts (Life of A Little Man)

Leadership for all the Mountains You Climb (While loving the view)- Mark W. Altman

Mountains of the Sea by Gunter Swoboda

Private Lives by Simon Marshland

(Next Six books by alex beecroft)

False Colors
I Do Two
The Wages of Sin
Captain’s Surrender – Kindle
Captain’s Surrender – Print
Hidden Conflict

I Do Anthology

Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory – Joseph Breunig

Retishella and the Pocket Shell

Retishella and the Dolphins

Backstop: A Baseball Love Story in Nine Innings, by J. Conrad Guest

Peer Abuse Know More! Bullying From a Psychological Perspective

Elizabeth Bennett

Quantum Earth

Deadly Lucidity

Redemption by Wayne sharrocks

Dominion by Wayne Sharrocks

Embittered Justice by Michaela Riley

When You Feel & Don’t Know How to Say : A Book of Poems

A Kiss of Ashen Twilight by Rae Lori (Paperback)…

A Kiss of Ashen Twilight by Rae Lori (eBook)…

Voice of Abandon by Rae Lori…

Mudslide – Ronnie Dauber

Living the Dream…

And the Beat Goes On

PORTAL (paperback version and Kindle version)

Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager

Trickle-Down Timeline – Cris Mazza

Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story:…

Cyberwriters and the Zebra of Life -Karen Kostlivy

Eli – Leslie Musoko

Divinity Dawns – Leslie Musoko

NexLord: Dark Prophecies – Philip Blood

Fab Four FAQ 2.0: The Beatles’ Solo Years, 1970-1980

The Mighty Oak and Me – K. S. Brooks

Lust for Danger – K. S. Brooks

Job Search for Moms

Stop Speaking for Free! The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Webinars

Courage To Win

NexLord fantasy series, Black Chains

Postcards from Mr. Pish – K. S. Brooks

The Kiss of Night – K. S. Brooks

My Body Belongs to Me

Agnes Maria Trifontaine:
Stradivari Don’t Grow On Trees:
There Is Music In All Things:
The Venitian Tiara:

Jacob’s Courage: A Holocaust Love Story

The Prophecy of the Kings by David Burrows

A Collection of Verse…


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