Ticket to Ride: Behind the Story, Part 2

Morgan Blake and Livy Tinsley (more about Livy later), are subjected to the world around them. They make choices, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. But instead of accepting the deficiencies in the world around them, they strive to better themselves. When one of my characters does something wrong, they pay for their actions. For Morgan Blake, there is a very clear price to pay and he pays for the sins he has committed and for those visited upon him by his father. Though he makes some poor choices, he ultimately must, and chooses to, pay the proverbial piper. He must because he knows right from wrong and his soul will not allow him to rest until he faces himself and his demons.

Without proper parenting and a profound lack of traditional “rites of passage,” our youth, sadly and oftentimes, turns to the media for an identity. My characters are faced with these things but choose not to become victims of pop culture, or slaves to it. Morgan struggles to gain a sense of a moral compass that helps him find a way through. He’s not perfect. He makes mistakes. But he learns to strive to be better than his circumstances.


One thought on “Ticket to Ride: Behind the Story, Part 2

  1. Ginger Aurella

    This is one of the things I like best about him (Morgan). Also his strength.. what he goes through in Europe would make most of us fall apart, but he deals with it and moves on.


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