Good News from

Big News? Ticket to Ride was requested by a combined total of 1200 readers from 2 book giveaway contests on I had a minor ego boost until I realized the catch on this one was that they all wanted it for free. Ouch.

It’s funny really. I’ll have to ask some of my writer friends what their experience has been, but it seems most everyone (my thanks of course go to all who have taken a risk on this new author and plunked down that $12.95) I talk to about Ticket to Ride is hoping to get it for free.

What is a starving writer to do? Keep starving right? Or maybe get a job at Goldman Sachs?

It’s only 2 months since the book came out and I’ve already become an anomaly, or, maybe I’ve always been one. I suppose I’m in good company. Moby Dick didn’t sell well until after Melville died (there he goes thinking he wrote Moby Dick again, right?). Maybe I should fake my death. Oops, I guess I just said that out loud. Pretend you didn’t read that. I’m really dead. There’s that light everyone is always talking about. Yeah, and there’s St. Peter. Or is it Paul? It might even be Mary. That would make KD Lang happy. Yup, it’s Mary. RIP Mr. Wikel.


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