Free Book Question 4/23/10

Which book do you consider to be the best you’ve read in the past 6 months and why? The most thoughtful and insightful answer will win a free copy of Ticket to Ride. Post your comment below or email me at:

My most recent favorite is to the left. I enjoyed immensely Michener’s exploration of the world of book publishing and, having read most of what he’s written, The Novel was yet another pleasant walk with an old friend who I’ve come to love.

To me, Michener is second to none in the genre of historical fiction. Because of his thorough historical erudition, I also believe most of Michener’s books should be required reading in high schools.


2 thoughts on “Free Book Question 4/23/10

  1. I want a free copy of your book. The most thoughtful and insightful book I’ve read in the last six months is The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers. The author creates a fresh understanding of racism and family conflicts, of loneliness, disability, and thirst for love. The theme I most esteem though, is the character Mick’s desire for a higher focus of sophistication and art in her life that she calls her “inside world.” This inside world is part of all of us, and how much attention we give to it is who we really are. It is our thirst for knowledge, ideas, excellence, beauty, power, and communion with the Lord.


    1. As much as I’d like to send you a free book, you answered a two-week-old question and there’s a time limit on responses.
      I’ll be posting a new question soon.
      Thanks for your interest,


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