Welcome Librarians! Our Keepers of the Culture

Greetings keepers of the culture!

I remember as a child in Middletown, NY in the early 70s, going to the Thrall library and discovering a special world within its walls; the smell of aging paper getting finer with each day that passed and the warm smile of the librarian, ever eager to guide me on my journey into the forest of books. The first book I recall reading was Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce and the first book I checked out of “The Thrall” was A Cricket in Times Square. I remember feeling as small as that cricket in that new, magnificent world of the library.

The Thrall Library, Middletown, NY

Please take a look around, read some posts, and feel free to comment. My goal in contacting you was to share a love of reading and writing. Thanks for making the journey here. I look forward to our conversation.

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The “Trying to make a difference in the media” series begins on Monday.
Please stay tuned.


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