Famous vs. Successful Novelist

Discussion of Fame vs. Successful Novelist

Philip Scott Wikel:
I’m sorry if I gave anyone the impression that I would be giving away free copies of Ticket to Ride to the members of the “Ticket” Facebook group. http://tiny.cc/ticket_facebook

As much as I would like to, it’s just not feasible.

In a recent post, Carrie Williams said:
“By the way, congratulations! You’re famous!”

In response to that I have to say, honestly, thank you but I’m not interested in fame. Fame and $1.50 will get me a cup of coffee (In other words, fame is useless unless it brings readers).

My dream is to make a living as a novelist. It would be fantastic to be able to spend my day creating stories for your entertainment. For that to happen, I need readers, not fans; kindred spirits, not adoration.

Thank you to all of the readers who have thus far purchased Ticket to Ride. I hope you’ve enjoyed my book.

Patti Persons:
Yeah Yeah, we adore you because WE watched you grow up from a pip-squeak to a successful gentleman! WE are proud of you!

Philip Scott Wikel:
Thanks again. But you used one of those uncomfortable words again, “successful.” If only 10% of the members of the Ticket to Ride Facebook fan club actually purchase the book, is it a success? So far I have only succeeded in getting a book published. Granted, that’s something, however, sales are what make it a success. In my mind a writer becomes successful when he can quit his day job and do what he truly loves.

The really funny part about this is that my fans on facebook don’t even know what their proud of because they haven’t read my book. For all they know it could be a piece of ____.

Another thing they don’t know is that right now I’m only making $9.40 per hour as a cashier. And another thing: I eat mostly peanut butter sandwiches so my son can eat like a normal person. And finally, I was laid off from a very good job a year-and-a-half ago and the economy is getting worse.

So please excuse me if I don’t understand or see the significance of words like “success” and “famous.” I’m living the life of the starving artist and it’s not as glamorous as they told me it would be. And I’m not looking for sympathy. I’m just asking for people to take a look at what they see as “success” cuz it seems like people around me are just starstruck, and for no good reason.


4 thoughts on “Famous vs. Successful Novelist

  1. Lisa

    Fame never meant fortune. Just look at the life of Christ. Everyone knew or knows Him but he lived the poorest life of anyone. I will buy your book and I will read it. Then and only then will I let you know what I got from it. I do wish you the best in anything you do. Your comment about your son was the best thing I have read on your blog. It shows what kind of person you truly are.


    1. Lisa

      My comment was just a comment. No assumption at all on my part of your personal beliefs. Even though I TOTALLY disagree with you; (we are all entitled to our own beliefs), was just letting you know that I would read your book. But you seem to be on the defense a bit too much. Just chill out about it. Also was touched by your comment about family. If that offended you too, I am sorry.


  2. You are a complete success as you have produced a work and now not to believe your press!

    Congrats and hey try the Trader Joe’s Crunchy PBJ. Lunch (and sometimes dinner) of the modern day creative.

    Good blog!



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